Personalized Swimmer wall sticker


Personalized Swimmer wall sticker!

Transform any room in your home within 5-minutes - ease using fabric wall decals from Sportesi. We have hundreds of sport-themed or creative wall stickers featuring a wide variety of images and designs. From personalized sports athletes silhouettes, balls, shapes, and borders to colorful cute animals, woodland creatures, there's something for everyone in our selection!
Peel-and-stick wall decals are both easy to use, making them ideal for decorating kid's rooms, nurseries, playrooms, and classrooms. Wherever you decide to use them, the matte finish of our decals will give the appearance of a painted mural, bringing boring walls and rooms in line with your unique style.
Peel and Stick
Our premium fabric wall decals go on easily! Just peel them off their wax backings and stick them to the desired surface. We make our decals simple to apply without creases or bubbles, so no extra tools are required.

Works on Many Surfaces

Our fabric wall decals can stick to almost any non-porous surface, including textured walls and furniture. The thick fabric is also highly opaque, which means the colorful patterns and images will stand out against any wall color. There's no limit when it comes to using these wall stickers in imaginative ways.

Sticker size (this design only as an example):

Made to Order
Unlike other wall decal companies, which mass-produce their products, Sportesi makes every fabric wall sticker to order. By working on each decal by hand, we create high-quality pieces that truly stand out. We also offer personalized options, so you can add a name or adjust the color to match your vision - just let us know in order notes, or e-mail: 
  • High quality: The thicker nature of fabric wall decals means it resists damage such as stretching and tearing better than vinyl. With these durable wall decals, you can apply and reapply decorations without damage. No marks will be left.
  • Easy to use:  Fabric wall decals can be easily peeled apart without stretching or other damage, preventing frustration during the application process.
  • Long last: our fabric wall decals can be removed from the wall and reapplied without losing their stickiness. This feature will allow you to give your decorations new life and enjoy them for years to come!
    Size Comparision
    sticker size comparision

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    1. Where do we ship?

    We ship worldwide!

    2. Shipping Times

    In most instances, we are shipping from our warehouse in the EU or TPM. Please expect an estimated 2 - 13 business days to receive your order for free shipping, or possibly faster depending on the region of the destination. 

    Estimated shipping times:

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    Due to the pandemic, our Postal services are under increased pressure and delivery services are disrupted by the pandemic (Flights are reduced, the shipping time could take longer). This is unfortunately completely out of our control, we are so sorry for the inconvenience caused. Stay safe.

    Shipping time estimates to your address are available for every product, please email if you have any questions regarding the typical shipping time of your order to your region.

    3. Handling Process

    Almost all of our products are personalized and produced only after placed an order. Our handling time usually takes about 2-5 business days.

    4. Shipping Costs

    We provide Free Worldwide shipping! As well, we provide paid - EXPRESS SHIPPING (+express handling time), better packaging. All shipping methods - with tracking numbers. Most of packages can be tracking here:

    1. Clean the surface of dust, oil, and/or debris. Any particle(s) on the surface will show through the decal later.
    2. Peel off transfer film and paste it onto the decal.
    1. Lay the decal FACE DOWN, then slowly remove the paper backing from the corner first.
    2. TIP! If the paper backing lifts the decal from the clear tape, place the backing back on and go over the surface with a credit card (or similar).
    3. Position the decal as desired then apply it from the one edge. Use a credit card (or similar) to slowly apply pressure across the transfer tape.
    4. After you apply the decal, let it sit for about 2-3 minutes to ensure that the decal has attached firmly to your surface.
    5. Then using a steady pressure, slowly remove the clear transfer tape from on corner.
    6. Congrats! You are done! Take photo of your room - tag  @SPORTESI.DECOR (Instagram profile) or SPORTESI (Facebook page) on your photo and get 15% discount for your second order!

    Or you can watch this video:

    *Big wall decals comes in multiple parts. If one side is more than 23'' (~59cm). How to apply big wall decals:


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