Hey, designer - let's collaborate!

Let's work together!

Digital drawings? Spray art? Pencils? It does not matter at all ... If drawing is your passion, if you do it almost every day and you want to make a profit from your loved hobby, then you are invited to join our team!

  • Make your artwork immediately available for sale

  • We fulfill, print & ship your orders internationally

  • Thousands of art enthusiasts visiting Sportesi monthly

  • Endless visual inspiration


How everything works?

You send your drawings to us, we will add drawings to the affilliate system, and whenever someone else buys your design, you will receive an agreed percentage of sales. To make everything as transparent as possible, we will create an account for you where you can track your earnings.   


How to become a designer?

Just send samples of your work and agree on the pay.



Instagram: sportesi.official

Facebook: Sportesi

Phone number: +07874057223

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